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Why Westside Foods?

We have a large, diverse menu with everything from burgers to fresh baked fish.
Sammy, George and the family are amazing. Worked for them for a couple years after high school, food has always been fresh, delicious, and affordable. Customer service is top priority. Kyle does an awesome job, every time I go in there its always smooth. He never skips a beat. As far as family restaurants go this place is the best!
— Kimberly Mallard
The food is excellent, the crew is a great team that work's well together, it's a friendly just can't go wrong here.
— Erica Lynn
I really liked the quality of the food, fresh and appetizing. Definitely my favorite place near home! it's worth trying this place, for sure and you become a regular customer ... as happened to me!!!
— Bianca Andujar
Thank you West Side Pizza for the amazing pizza today! My co-workers and myself ordered 11 pizzas to celebrate National Pizza Day- every one LOVED their pizza!
— Lori Ludovina Reynolds

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